Our mission, from design to installation

Cemit is one of just a handful of Italian companies that guarantee a complete security chain. From design to installation, each system arises from a careful study of individual environments in order to personalise protection and identify the most effective solutions. Cemit’s activity is divided into four distinct phases:

  1. Inspection: direct contact with the customer and knowledge of the environment are essential for planning the project. Cemit does not limit itself to just listening, but offers its customers the expertise of its technical office and forty years of know-how to professionally and seriously confront any problem in the field of personal and property security. All this, of course, while guaranteeing maximum confidentiality;
  2. Design: the preparation of a detailed project represents the transition from the fact-finding phase to the operational phase. From security systems to automation mechanisms, Cemit provides concrete answers to protection needs, relying on a wide range of technical and technological components and customising the entire project to the customer’s personal, logistical and economic needs;
  3. Production: the in-house production of most of the project’s components represents the real strength of Cemit. Thanks to in-house production, Cemit is able to customise each project through the integration of electromechanical components, hardware and software, resulting in the manufacture of cutting-edge systems that are in step with the times and adapted to every situation;
  4. Installation: the last phase of the working process concerns the installation and assembly of the individual components by Cemit technicians, concluding with the final testing of each system to certify its operation and compliance with the project.

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