Our patents, uniqueness and innovation in production

Significant investment in research and development has made Cemit a leader in the security sector, offering automated systems with integrated electronics that have established them- selves on the Italian and European markets.

In over forty years of activity, numerous patents have been granted that enhance the company’s reputation and certify the uniqueness and innovation of its production.

Cemit currently boasts four flagship products:

  • Sia: a high-security motorised hydraulic lock highly prized by the most prestigious goldsmiths and by the largest companies responsible for the safekeeping and transport of valuables thanks to its high quality and reliability;
  • Robo: electromagnetic recessed security lock, designed and built specifically for doors and gates where security is combined with aesthetics;
  • QuickBlock: anti-shoplifting system for closing and monitoring display cases, drawers and cabinets of high-tech shops, jewellers, shopping centres and supermarkets;
  • Icarus System: complete control and management system for all type of access. ISNet and ISFinger control panels and readers are able to manage personal electronic keys (RFiD, Dallas iButton, magnetic strip badges, etc.), digital fingerprints, multi-door interlocking systems, time slots, access restrictions, storage and consultation of historical memory.

Technology applied to security