Patrol Service

APOLLO – Patrol Service

Total protection within easy reach

The Apollo control system has the ambition of being able to digitally manage the surveillance service. It is particularly suitable for large organisations where security is not limited to just patrolling the entrance, but where full monitoring of several areas of the facility is expected. In this case, a transponder is provided to the agent on a personalised basis.

The key will be programmed to open the access gate during the patrol period, the operator, instead of using the traditional card check, passes the key over the reader at the arranged access point and the system records and timestamps the event.

The development of digital management not only guarantees more protection due to the presence of security keys that operate only at certain times of the day, but also allows, in the case of contracts involving multiple passes, to establish exact respect of the predicted timetable.

Apollo is not exclusively limited to this, but is particularly useful when managing large complex areas becomes impossible using traditional methods; the advantage of this approach is its synergy between all systems which, managed remotely, are optimised and become incredibly effective and high-performing.