Motorised hydraulic locking – for the security of valuables

SIA is a strong and reliable lock, able to cope with an intense workload without any overheating issues due to its hydraulic operation. This is a technology particularly appreciated where the priority is to protect precious materials and large amounts of money, such as in prestigious goldsmiths or institutions for the custody and management of valuables. A unique, cutting- edge, innovative product, patented to protect the breakthrough created at the Cemit Research & Development department; therefore 100% made in Italy. Tests and simulations carried out on doors equipped with SIA locks, executed with iron bars, 40 kg rams and firearms with a certified power of 2000 joule, highlight the high resistance and mechanical strength of its aluminium alloy structure. The locking is provided by three pins (called “cagnoli”), the latch-like central unit of which facilitates the alignment of the door in closing.

SIA is equipped with a high security key and each lock, before being installed, must pass rigid resistance and functionality tests and comply with the latest regulations in force. This is the lock of choice for the private security institutes themselves, exceeding the standards required by EN 50518 for the certification of remote monitoring control centres, monitoring and alarm receiving centres. The SIA lock is in fact compliant with standard EN 14846 for electromechanical locks closing the entrances of monitoring and reception alarm receiving centres (ARC).

SIA Datasheet